Dr. Zander Rewse-Davies

In an age where mankind has reached nearly all the far-flung places of the world, and where achieving ‘technical firsts’ and exaggerated claims take precedence over chivalry and respect, both to nature and fellow explorers, I feel it is time to don my hat, fill the hip flask, and venture out in style. 

To truly explore all the wonderful places the world has to offer, one lifetime is simply not enough. 

However, that doesn’t stop me from trying…
Let me take you along on some of my more notable adventures.

The Gentleman Explorer - Zander with skis and sleigh on snow covered trails


Armed with a sled, 60 earl grey tea bags, and 6 months of preparations, one gentleman seeks solitude in the icy heart of Sarek National Park in the arctic circle. With temperatures dropping to -35oC, only the fluffiest mittens will do.

The Gentleman Explorer - Kyrgyz Yurts


Not all adventures are about adversity in the face of danger.  This is the story of a botanist, an ornithologist and an adventurer exploring the extraordinary variety of landscapes and nature in a lesser known corner of the world. 

Aconcagua in the clouds


Three chaps had the capital idea to take a stroll up the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas.  How would their trials up there in the thin air and harsh elements change their view on what it means to climb a mountain? 

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Sarek Expedition – Part 3

Sometimes things don’t go to plan…  Not one bit.  Even the most diligent preparation can end in tatters at the drop of a hat.  However, with a rejuvenating cup of…

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Canyon View with binoculars

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