The Expeditions

Zander pulling his pulk through the snow covered forest


The longer I travel the world, the more I find myself seeking solitude and adventure on less well travelled paths. So, I venture out for a two-week solo expedition into the arctic circle in winter.  Follow my training, preparations and journey as I head out into the wilderness on skis, dragging my supplies and equipment behind me on a ‘pulk.’


Ever since I was first blown away by the sheer variation of scenery in Kyrgyzstan back in 2016, I knew I had to return with my tent and binoculars.  Thus, in 2019 I teamed up with my mother and father, expert botanist and ornithologist respectively, to explore the mountains and valleys in search of birds, wild flowers and landscapes that one could scarcely imagine existed.

Fairytale Canyon in Kyrgyzstan
Cheers to Aconcagua, with Earl Grey tea


When two friends invited me to join them on an unguided climb of the western and southern hemisphere’s tallest mountain at 6961m, how could I refuse?  With only two months before the trip, I began a frantic training program to prepare for the rigours of high altitude climbing.  But, what would await me on those scree and snow covered slopes of the giant of the Andes?

Canyon view with binoculars in South Africa

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